• Talk to a Zoho Consultant for Customer Relationship Management for Small Business

      12:32 pm By Benjamin

      Customer Relation is Crucial

      The growth of the company will be the main aim of all organizations, and for this, it is very important that companies should possess an effective way of managing the various organizational management aspects. Proper and effective customer relation is one such aspect that will decide the fate of the company. If done in bad or inferior ways, then, it will certainly damage the market reputation of the company. It will soon have to succumb to the market competition. Hence, it is imperative that all companies, especially, the small and medium-sized companies, must use all the available technical tools for the same. Customers are the real strength of all companies, and without building a good rapport with them, companies will not be able to sustain carry on their business activities.

      An effective CRM strategy is a must for all organizations, and this is essential to attract and retain customers. In the contemporary commercial scenario, the practical significance of preserving the present clientele strength is very essential to open out the business activities and to take new strides in the business world. In our time, specially created software for the various organizational management functions are available. You can find customized software, which will be handy for the customer relationship management for small business. Companies can use these for effective CRM, by which they will be able to retain the existing customers, as well as attract new customers.

      Proper Customer Relationship Management

      Reaching the digital audience is a must in today’s competitive market environment, as far as all companies are concerned. The present consumers also show interest in having fruitful interaction with companies. Hence, making a platform for proper and effective communication with the customers is a must. This obviously will add up the market appreciation, which will directly influence the sales of the company. For example, companies can use bespoke Zoho CRM software, which will successfully control the customer relationship management for small business. However, to develop, customize, and integrate Zoho CRM for making the client-management meaningful and winning, companies must take the assistance of a professional Zoho consultant.

      Find Out an Expert Zoho Consultant

      There are several CRM providers in the contemporary period; some are relatively big with high global repute, while some others don’t have that kind of popularity. However, you must take the practical success and the user-friendly nature of the related tool into account, while selecting a particular company. You can read the remarks given by the present customers of the company to reach at a final decision. Remember, it is not the overall popularity of the company, which will count in the final run; it is the real-time experience of the users, which make a CRM platform more valuable. The company must be able to create practically handy CRM software for your specific use, and above all, the pricing must be reasonable.

    • Evaluating the Importance of Zoho Consultant in Your Business

      5:30 am By Benjamin

      Zoho Consultant

      The advancement of science and technology has resulted in the advent of varied technological tools, which are handy to all businesses. These tools make the organizational management organized and at the same time, profitable. ZOHO Corporation provides a whole bunch of IT-based tools, which make the modern organizational operations more cohesive and effective. This includes networking, online business, other IT infrastructure management applications, and related software maintenance and support services. A firm that has legitimate authorization from the Zoho Corporation is a licensed Zoho consultant. You can have creative consultations with such a consultant, and this will help you to take your organizational functions to a newer level with the help of the latest technological tools.

      Zoho is one of the best CRM software providers, who have stamped their presence all over the globe. Whether your company is a small-sized one or a medium-sized, it is possible to get the most brilliant ideas regarding the Zoho tools. Besides, you can take help from them to customize the Zoho CRM system and can integrate the same into your existing operating system. Remember, Zoho CRM solution is not merely a storage space, which is just for storing your customer data. You must contact a certified Zoho consultant, who will explain to you more details. It’s a full-fledged office automation process, which will allow the management to control and evaluate the sales performance while keeping in close contact with the customers. Choosing a customized Zoho CRM is the best way to do away with the strenuous manual works that are par for the course of customer relations management. There will not be any need to use spreadsheets, paper, pen, etc., to manage the official daily routines.

      Evaluating Importance of Zoho Consultant in Your Business

      Zoho has more or less become the synonym of the customer relationship, because of the overall effectiveness of the system. This technological tool helps all small and medium companies in carrying out a perfect customer relationship. This will result in the augmentation of sales and thereby, the company revenue.

      Zoho CRM, because of the high usefulness, has already captured a sizable market appreciation. Nevertheless, companies must get in touch with an authorized Zoho consultant for getting a tailored solution perfectly suitable for their organization.

      • The ‘easy to operate’ factor and the cost-effectiveness are the key traits of Zoho CRM. Companies will not have to spend heavily on the same. Besides, there will be a gain of labor hours and the related expenses.

      • By creating a customized Zoho CRM platform, small and medium companies can have a systematic system for controlling their workforce and the diverse departments like accounts, sales, marketing, etc.

      • The platform also provides a proper method for maintaining a worthwhile communication system. By using Zoho CRM, the company management will get the option to communicate with their customers using diverse methods. These include email, phone, live chat, and various social media.

      • Moreover, the management will be able to keep all the relevant chats in a single storage. This means that managing the communication details will be easy. It will be easy to extract any needed data and use the same for augmenting the sales revenue. This handy method makes Zoho CRM all the more powerful and all the rage.

      • When there is a suitably designed Zoho CRM system, companies can get a detailed description regarding the personal likes and dislikes of the customers with respect to the company products. This gives the company the opportunity to reorganize things and make the products more adaptable.

      • The incorporated automation system is yet another persuasive feature that makes the Zoho solutions more popular.

      All these attributes will be of use to the company for increasing the client-base and sales revenue. However, one will have to make sure to customize the Zoho solutions to make them precisely matching to the organizational standards. Hence, it is important that one should get the Zoho CRM from an authentic Zoho consultant. Only such reliable advisors will be able to give proper guidance that will be viable for your specific requirement.

    • Understanding the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

      12:10 am By Benjamin

      Have you been omitting offshore assets when you are filing business taxes, estate taxes, or your personal taxes? You may have been trying to avoid paying more on your taxes, but if the IRS finds out, you’re going to find yourself in a lot of legal trouble with hefty fines and jail time. If you want to correct your omission with more reasonable fines applied and no jail sentence, then you’ll want to understand how the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) can help you. The OVDP is a sanctioned IRS program that you must enter voluntarily under your own volition, so long as you aren’t being audited or investigated by the IRS already, and you must do it proactively. Once you have entered the OVDP, you must disclose all your assets, no matter how unlikely it is that the IRS will discover them. Anything undisclosed that is discovered later will result in hefty fines and jail time. The OVDP, in its current form, will be available until September 28, 2018; you can disclose assets beyond that time, but you will not be offered the protection the OVDP provides.

      OVDP Eligibility Requirements

      You are eligible to take part in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program as long as you have invested legal sourced funds (funds not gained through illegal means) in undisclosed offshore assets. You also must not have made a submission to the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SFCP), which is for unwilfully undisclosed offshore assets omissions. Finally, you also must not be under current examination by the IRS or be currently being audited. OVDP is a proactive program; you must start the process before the IRS discovers any undisclosed offshore assets for the program to be any use for you.

      Why Use the OVDP

      You may be wondering why you would willfully disclose offshore foreign assets if the IRS has not discovered them or may not ever discover them. The number one reason to use the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is the fact that, if the IRS ever does discover your undisclosed assets, you will be facing hefty penalties and jail time. You could do other disclosure methods, such as a “quiet disclosure,” where you attempt to make your current year’s taxes fully offshore and foreign compliant, or a “qualified quiet disclosure,” by amending all your previous years’ returns as well. However, at any point during your amendments, the IRS could decide to investigate the new numbers, and if they discover you had undisclosed foreign assets for even a single year, they can start an investigation and levy fines and jail time against you. The OVDP helps by protecting you from excessive penalties, and it keeps you out of jail.

      The Three Phase Application Process for OVDP

      The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is a three-phase process:

      1. You start by first submitting a preclearance letter to the IRS that gives them notice of your attempt to correct your taxes. You should expect a response to this letter in 30 to 45 days. They will deny your entry into the program if they have discovered undisclosed assets by the time the letter arrives.

      2. In response, the IRS will inform you of the steps you must take to amend your tax returns, including a questionnaire that must be filled out. You will have 90 days to comply (although you can file for an extension), and in exchange for full compliance, they will recommend to the Department of Justice to forgo any criminal prosecution.

      3. Once everything is submitted and cleared by the IRS, they will contact you to propose a closing agreement (IRS Form 906), which you can agree to by signing it, or you can opt out of the OVDP.

      Penalties Related to the OVDP

      Becoming fully compliant through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program means you will still have to face some form of monetary penalty. The first of these penalties will be the mandatory “Miscellaneous Title 26 Offshore Penalty,” which will amount to 27.5% of the highest account balance, but it will ensure that you are not criminally prosecuted. However, if any of your accounts are with a foreign financial institute that is on the IRS’s “Foreign Financial Institutions or Facilitators List”, they are an exception to the mandatory penalty and will face a 50% fine. Further fines include:

      – 20% accuracy-related penalties under IRC § 6662(a) on the full amount of your offshore-related underpayments of tax for all years;

      – failure-to-file penalties under IRC § 6651(a)(1), if applicable;

      – failure-to-pay penalties under IRC § 6651(a)(2), if applicable.

      Of course, the penalties for not using the OVDP can vary wildly; the IRS has extreme discretion when it comes to penalizing undisclosed foreign assets. Penalties can amount to up to 100% of the value of your foreign accounts in a multi-year audit situation.

    • Benefit of Tax Preparation Services for Businesses

      4:05 am By Benjamin

      For most people, running a business is easy. But filing for the taxes is difficult. The huge numbers, financial statements, cash flows and calculations are easily misinterpreted by most of us. But you can make this process of filing for your taxes much easier by hiring a professional tax preparation agency or a consultant to do this job for you.

      Who needs to hire tax preparation agencies?

      If you are running a huge business, then your financial statements for the year will be really huge. In such cases, it might be difficult for you to take a look at all your finances that have happened throughout the year. You will have to keep a track of your profits, losses, cash flows and financial statement for the entire year. This might be tricky. In such cases, you can hire a tax preparation agency to do the job for you. If you hire a professional tax preparation agency, the consultant will do all the tax calculation for you. All you need to do is to provide your financial statements for the year. The consultant will do the tax calculation and also file the tax. Most consultants will also do the e-filing of your tax returns for no extra charges.

      In general; people with high income tax returns, complex returns, people facing unusual circumstances in their businesses, etc. prefer and appreciate the help of a professional tax consultant.

      Advantages of hiring tax preparation agency?

      • All your tax calculation will be done in one go.

      • After computing your taxes, the consultant will also file your taxes with the IRS.

      • The agency will make sure that you get the maximum benefit from the IRS.

      • Since professionals are involved, your tax calculations are less prone to errors.

      • You get a follow-up till the time you get your return check from the IRS.

      Last but not the least, since all your taxes are taken care of, you can concentrate on flourishing your business.

      What to look for?

      There are a number of tax preparation agencies and consultants available. Make sure that you choose the best one. Do your homework about the agency and the consultant before zeroing down on any one agency.
      Check for the charges. Some consultants charge on an hourly basis and some charge based on the complexity of the work involved. Make sure that you get optimal services for the charges that you are paying.
      The consultant should be knowledgeable. Experience matters….make sure that the consultant has previous experience of filing taxes for similar businesses.

      Trust is another major factor to consider. You are sharing your entire financial statements with the tax preparation agency. So, be doubly sure about the authenticity of the agency and the consultant with whom you are working. It is very important that the agency and consultant are certified in this regard.

      Location: Make sure you work with local consultants in your region. For example, it is easy to work with tax consulting agencies in the local domain.

    • Tips to Choose the Right Business Finance Provider

      4:05 pm By Benjamin

      Business organizations and financial institutions always go hand in hand, the former often depending on the latter for its existence. In order to expand your operations and reach your growth objectives, funds are very essential and not every time you would have a reserve full of cash. Financial assistance is much needed in such situations and it can get a bit confusing while choosing the kind of financial assistance you need. Not only choosing the kind of finance, but also choosing the provider who will provide you with this kind of assistance is a confusing task. This article will shed some clarity over the issue and offer some tips to choose the best source of business finance.

      1. Be clear with your needs

      One of the biggest mistakes businesses do while seeking financial assistance is not knowing why they need funds and how these funds will be utilized once obtained. A business needs to have a foolproof plan of how the acquired funds will be utilized in the business development. This plan will give you a clear clarity of how much you need and provide you with confidence to approach a finance provider. Unless you have a plan, it is difficult to gain the trust of the finance provider of your choice.

      2. Short-term or Long-term

      You need to decide if your needs are long term or short term. This decision will directly affect the choice of finance provider and give you a clear idea of whom you should approach. If your needs are long term and you are in need of a lot of funds, you can approach a bank and apply for a business loan. Though inflexible, the loan comes with a lower rate of interest and requires you to show security. However, if your needs are short term, you can approach a bank and apply for an overdraft. You won’t need to show security or offer collateral, but pay a higher rate of interest. Thus, it again narrows down to defining your needs.

      3. Ownership of the company

      You have to lose something to gain something and this is true when you are taking the financial assistance of an investor. You have two options to raise funds in exchange for equity in your company. You can rope in an investor who only remains an investor for a part of the share capital. Or you can manage to rope in an angel investor who will not only invest for a part in the company but also take over a few key decision making aspect for exchange. Angel investors are strategic investors who have years of experience in entrepreneurship and help businesses move towards profit and reputation. So before approaching an investor, decide if you are ready to give away a part of your ownership.

      4. Track Record

      Lastly, do a thorough background check of the bank or the investor who is investing in your company. Did they have any problems with businesses in the past, are they well known in the industry, what their previous partners think about them etc.

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