• Eight Tips for Choosing a Video Production Company

      9:19 am By Benjamin

      Video production companies can help you produce the professional, attention-grabbing video for promotional and marketing purposes.

      Here are eight tips for choosing the right video production NYC company for your business:

      1. Know what type of marketing videos you want

      Before looking for a video production company, spend some time researching various types of marketing videos and make a list of the ones you think will best suit your business. Keep in mind that you can use different types of videos for different purposes, so don’t hesitate to short-list videos of varying styles. While an experienced video producer will work with you to identify the right look and feel for your video production project, it is good to have a clear vision yourself from the start of the conversation.

      2. Research different video production companies.

      There are a variety of video production companies in the market, you want to find one that is perfect for your production requirements. Look for a video production company who can offer a dedicated producer and a team that will listen to your ideas and helps you craft the right video production strategy. Chances are if you’re reading this article you want something more significant than a guy with a camera and so you want to find a video production company that can offer a turnkey solution and guide your project from concept through development.

      3. Check the types of video production work they have done so far

      Some video production companies specialize in particular types of videos while others have the capability to produce a wide range of videos. If you only want explainer videos, for instance, it will make sense to hire a company that specializes in those. If, however, you think you will also require advertising short films, interviews, documentaries, and so on, it will suit you better to go with a company that also produces these types of corporate videos. Evaluating a video production company’s work, as well as the sample videos that you have found online that you like, will all help guide the conversation about the look and feel for your video production project.

      4. Check the clients and companies they have worked with

      While you can’t necessarily judge a video production company’s talent by the clients and companies they have worked with, it does indicate reliability and accountability if they have worked with big-name industry clients. It shows they can oversee a project from start to end and produce high-quality work. You should also read the reviews and feedback that previous clients have provided about the video production company to fully understand how they approach projects.

      5. Find out how the video production company’s videos are usually published

      Another part of the equation for finding the right video production partner lies in finding a video producer that can work with you to develop content for your desired purpose. While some video production companies may strictly produce content for television advertising – others may specialize in helping to develop video marketing assets for online distribution or via social media. The fact of the matter is there are a wide variety of use cases for video production content and you need a partner that can bring a broad spectrum of expertise to your project.

      6. Inquire about their preproduction and post-production processes

      Different companies may have different preproduction and post-production processes, but they should have established processes they follow. Having a planned process leads to a successful project, that is efficient, and produced on-budget. Further, a tried and true process guides the process and helps to ensure that the video production project is completed on schedule. Also, ask about the video equipment and software they use. For best results, you want them to use the latest, most advanced technology.

      7. Inquire about how and what they charge for video production

      Ask different companies for quotations and compare these with the budget you have in mind. Some video production companies may outline prices and come back to you with a bill when the project is completed, while others may offer a flat-rate video production solution. You should not solely base your decision on the budget but it should be part of your consideration and you want a partner that’s not focused on nickel and dining you but rather focuses their attention on telling your story.

      8. Inquire if they provide long-term services

      Once you have found a video production company that you can work with satisfactorily and you intend to continue using video marketing for your business promotion, it will make sense to sign a contract that retains their services for as long as possible. Often times, there is an opportunity to gain access to high-quality video production at a discounted rate if you sign a retainer agreement with the video production company of your choice – which then provides you with access to the right talent and solutions to produce video marketing content on an on-going basis.

    • Creative Talent – How to Hire Them for Your Organizations

      12:21 am By Benjamin

      Talent and skill is an important criterion when hiring for creative positions, but personality and character matter as well. You want people who not only have the skills to undertake the work, but also the drive and the motivation to see it through. That said, hiring creative personnel can be a tough proposition for most companies and organizations since there is no set criterion with which to measure talent.

      You must hire differently for creative talent than you would for any other professional position. The mindsets are different, and so asking the same types of questions and expecting the same kinds of answers in unrealistic.

      In the creative field, you must assess each candidate on a case-by-case basis, and, while doing so, you must keep in mind that some of the most talented people may not shine in the set parameters of the interview process. Creating an ideal candidate profile and expecting potential candidates to match it is not likely to work. If it does and you manage to fit talent into your preselected molds, you are probably going to end up sacrificing creativity for banality.

      Some companies and organizations resort to hiring creative staffing agencies to find creative talent for them. This makes sense since these agencies are more experienced in this type of hiring and, moreover, have a database of vetted and reliable creative talent. If you are based in a large city like Los Angeles, for instance, hiring a creative staffing agency Los Angeles will save you a lot of time and resources and give you access to some of the best talent available.

      In any case, whether you go with an agency or do the hiring yourself, here are some considerations that might help you with finding the right creative talent for your company or organization.

      Do they have a long-term vision for their career?

      Asking a candidate this question can tell you if they have given any thought to what they would like to be doing in the future and, if so, what steps they are taking daily to move towards that goal. Do they want to achieve things they haven’t yet achieved? Do they want to get better at their skills? Do they want to work on more challenging projects? You want to know if they are interested enough in their current career to plan on continuing with it. If some people answer no, they haven’t given much thought to the future, that’s okay too. At least they are honest. Ask them to consider the question and give you a reasoned reply. There is no right or wrong answer here. Their responses don’t need to meld with your expectations completely. Many creative people are too original to want to conform and asking them to conform to your ideas to get a job is plain wrong. It would help if you only concerned yourself with the fact that they are willing to work with you and can get the work done.

      Do they have a diverse portfolio?

      Look through their portfolio and see the artwork and design work they have done so far. Do they specialize in one thing, or have they tried a lot of different things? A diverse body of work can be better than narrow specialization. It shows that they have different interests and capabilities, that they can think about different things and come up with different ideas. Is everything in the portfolio work they have done for clients? Are there any personal, self-directed projects? The latter will probably tell you more about what they are capable of since there are no clients to please with these. Personal projects also show that the candidates can take initiatives and have the motivation to get work done from start to end. You want people like this in your company.

      What are they looking for in a job?

      While a good salary is undoubtedly an important factor, it is not the only one for many creatives. They would rather have a job in a congenial environment where they can do work that motivates them the most and which allows them the opportunity to express their creativity to the maximum. If you want to hire such creative people, you will have to present your company or organization as a place in which they will thrive. Talk to them about creative benefits, but don’t trivialize monetary benefits. If you offer low pay, they will think their talent isn’t being valued and will look elsewhere.

    • Why Your Business Needs Email Encryption Services

      5:39 am By Benjamin

      All companies will have certain business secrets that the management want to hide from their competitors. Therefore, such data must have a secured nature. The key thing to ensure is the security of such sensitive email communications. Here comes the practical significance of email encryption. However, even though there are numerous agencies that offer this service, it is very important that the company must be experienced and has the required technical education and professional expertise. The provider company must hold a proven track record of doing this task in a successful manner. In addition, the receiving company must be able to stay up-to-date as far as the official regulations are concerned, and this must be without upsetting the day-to-day business activities. Of late, securing email communications by opting for email encryption services has become part and parcel of the organizational management.

      Why Your Business Needs to Email Encryption Services?

      In our time, internet usage is very high, and one can see this in every domain of human life. However, there is an element of risk in the transmission of personal information of employees like the credit/debit card details, social security number, private addresses, etc. In fact, nobody will be willing to show or expose their private information to the public, because, there is a potent threat of using the same for offensive or detrimental matters by various people. This is even truer as far as companies are concerned. There will be a lot of such vulnerable data in all organizational emails. Remember, email communications can be hacked. Hence, there is the need of wrapping the same with a protective cover. Email encryption is such a protective layer, which will safeguard the contents with precision and utmost care. The threat of specially trained hackers is high, and hence, it is always advisable to use email encryption services. This will give total protection to the information, as the hackers will not be able to break the email encryption. Companies can enjoy several benefits by opting for encryption services, and this prompts all medium and small companies to go for this.

      Some Notable Features:

      • Companies will not have to shell out a huge sum of money for the same. Expert companies that offer email encryption services will charge less.

      • The entire process will be easy, as the system will merge with your existing operational methods without creating any problems.

      • The whole of your communication mechanism will have the fullest security.

      • You will be able to access the encrypted data very easily.

      • There will be high protection against the possibility of phishing. Your email contacts will appreciate this and will count you as a trusted source.

      • Companies can incorporate the mechanism in their existing platforms, as there is no need for special software.

      • The new system allows them to receive, reply, and forward messages in a secured manner.

      • The intended recipients will have easy access. They can view the messages from any platform. However, the company management will have the total control of the system.

      • End users can view from all webmail accounts.

      Possible Security Checks

      By making use of the email encryption services, the management can:

      • Easily monitor the viewership. This will be handy for operational management.

      • Control the life of the data, as there will be provided for managing the expiry date of the communication, by considering the date or the viewership.

      • Can decide on the time allotted for viewing the encrypted communication data.

      • Can monitor the opening of the messages and preclude the forwarding or replying actions.

      • Company management will get noticed, when somebody read the data.

      • If the management wishes to annul the right of viewing a particular email, they can do so.

      • Management can take back the encrypted messages at their own will and time.

      • There will be a perfect provision for hiding the details of the original sender, and this will be handy to all companies.

      Choose Professional Email Encryption Services

      The service provider must be technically perfect and must have relevant experience. The company must be thorough in the modern encryption technology and must be capable of applying the most powerful technology for the encryption process.

    • Why Hire Marketing Recruitment Agencies to Find the Best Marketing Professionals?

      12:29 am By Benjamin

      Whatever products or services your company offers, you need to market them to your targeted audience for your business to make a profit and you need marketing professionals to help you get your message effectively across. Many companies have fulltime marketing departments while others may hire marketeers for freelance or contract work as and when required. In both cases, the hiring process can be difficult if you don’t have the time and the resources to hunt up the best marketing professionals in the industry. Instead of sifting through the candidates of variable talent levels that respond to your job advertisement, you will have a much easier time if you hire a marketing recruitment agency to do your hiring for you.

      The reputable marketing recruitment agencies have a good understanding of the marketing industry, have solid hiring experience, and have an extensive database of marketing professionals that they have already vetted for skills and abilities. There will be no randomness with the hiring process. You will only be sent profiles that match your marketing requirements.

      The Right Marketing Talent is Crucial for Your Success

       If you hire someone that is not adept at marketing, your business is going to suffer. You may not be able to check up on every single job applicant, to find out if they have the skills they claim to have, and you don’t want to hire them and then discover that it was all mostly a sham. With marketing recruitment agencies, you will rarely encounter such a problem. Before they add anyone to their database, they put them through stringent tests to assess their abilities. They also check their backgrounds and references. When they recommend a marketing professional to you, you can be sure that it is someone that is well-versed with the industry.

      No Additional Marketing Training is Necessary

      When you hire marketing professionals through a job advertisement, you may have people who are just starting in the industry. Even if they are enthusiastic and willing to work hard, they may still require some amount of marketing training to fit in with your company. From the practical point of view, this can detract from the time spent in conducting business and generating profits.

      On the other hand, when you hire marketing recruitment agencies, you will get experienced marketing professionals that can ease into the job requiring little or no training.

      Putting a Marketing Team Together Can Be Expensive

      Marketing professionals, who are at the top of their game, are very much in demand across different industries and charge hefty salaries. If you are a large business, you can handle the high expenses needed for hiring these people to form an in-house marketing team. If you have a new or a small company, however, your marketing budget won’t stretch to this extent.

      It will be both affordable and convenient for you to go through marketing recruitment agencies to hire long-term or short-term contract marketing professionals instead of hiring people on a permanent basis.

      You Don’t Need to Keep Up with Marketing Trends

      The top marketing professionals remain at the top precisely because they keep a sharp eye on current industry trends and have developed the ability to gauge and adjust to upcoming trends. When you hire them to do your marketing for you, they will incorporate the latest marketing strategies that will most benefit your business.

      As trends change, they will update the marketing efforts likewise. You can keep your focus on building your business and rest easy in the knowledge that you have experienced and efficient people at your back.

      You Don’t Need to Invest in Expensive Marketing Tools

      A good part of marketing these days involves digital marketing, and there are many specialized digital tools to get this done easily and efficiently. Some of the tools are free while others require a one-time payment or a subscription payment for basic and premium services. These can help you carry out keyword research, check your website analytics, get an analysis of your competitors, and much more.

      While these digital marketing tools can undoubtedly give you an edge in your marketing, they can be expensive for many small and new businesses. On the other hand, the marketing professionals that come to you via marketing recruiting agencies will most probably already have licenses for these digital tools. They may include a usage charge in their fees, but that will still be low as compared to buying the different licenses yourself.

    • Talk to a Zoho Consultant for Customer Relationship Management for Small Business

      12:32 pm By Benjamin

      Customer Relation is Crucial

      The growth of the company will be the main aim of all organizations, and for this, it is very important that companies should possess an effective way of managing the various organizational management aspects. Proper and effective customer relation is one such aspect that will decide the fate of the company. If done in bad or inferior ways, then, it will certainly damage the market reputation of the company. It will soon have to succumb to the market competition. Hence, it is imperative that all companies, especially, the small and medium-sized companies, must use all the available technical tools for the same. Customers are the real strength of all companies, and without building a good rapport with them, companies will not be able to sustain carry on their business activities.

      An effective CRM strategy is a must for all organizations, and this is essential to attract and retain customers. In the contemporary commercial scenario, the practical significance of preserving the present clientele strength is very essential to open out the business activities and to take new strides in the business world. In our time, specially created software for the various organizational management functions are available. You can find customized software, which will be handy for the customer relationship management for small business. Companies can use these for effective CRM, by which they will be able to retain the existing customers, as well as attract new customers.

      Proper Customer Relationship Management

      Reaching the digital audience is a must in today’s competitive market environment, as far as all companies are concerned. The present consumers also show interest in having fruitful interaction with companies. Hence, making a platform for proper and effective communication with the customers is a must. This obviously will add up the market appreciation, which will directly influence the sales of the company. For example, companies can use bespoke Zoho CRM software, which will successfully control the customer relationship management for small business. However, to develop, customize, and integrate Zoho CRM for making the client-management meaningful and winning, companies must take the assistance of a professional Zoho consultant.

      Find Out an Expert Zoho Consultant

      There are several CRM providers in the contemporary period; some are relatively big with high global repute, while some others don’t have that kind of popularity. However, you must take the practical success and the user-friendly nature of the related tool into account, while selecting a particular company. You can read the remarks given by the present customers of the company to reach at a final decision. Remember, it is not the overall popularity of the company, which will count in the final run; it is the real-time experience of the users, which make a CRM platform more valuable. The company must be able to create practically handy CRM software for your specific use, and above all, the pricing must be reasonable.

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