What to Look for in Video Production Companies

There are various aspects to a great video. It requires the ability to tell a story, technical skills, creativity, and of course relevant video production experience. From a business standpoint, there are factors to consider such as cost, professionalism, and open communication between the video production company and the client.

Before you hire the first video company you come across, take some time to evaluate your options.

Consider these five tips when hiring a corporate video production company.

Experience – the knowledge and the skills

When it’s time to produce a corporate video you need a firm that has experience and the right knowledge to build out and develop your vision. This firm will be charged with producing a marketing asset for your organization and needs to understand the project and how to accomplish that goal effectively and professionally.

For instance, if you are looking for video production companies in NYC then look for the top 3-5 companies on your list and carefully assess their experience in producing the type of work you need. It is also helpful to evaluate their overall work experience browsing through their portfolio.

Experience matters not only in terms of the quality of the videos but also in terms of the video production company’s ability to understand your requirements and delivery the necessary supporting services during pre-production, production, and post-production.

Vision – creative capabilities and expression

Video production is creative work. It requires vision and the ability of the video production company to understand your ideas and turn them into a piece of work that communicates the story at hand. Browsing through a company’s portfolio can give you a fair idea about the kind of creative expression they bring to their work. Did you see their ability to create video in a number of different arenas? Do they have a creative capacity to tell stories using corporate video? Are they open to creating new types of videos that they haven’t done before? Most importantly, do you like what you see?

Cost Benefits – pricing and value-added services

The price for the video production work must be relative to the scope of the services needed to produce your corporate video project. Look for a partner that is able to meet your budget requirements, without sacrificing quality. It is not about choosing the company with the lowest pricing but hiring the one that offers you the right creative solution for your video production project.

The prospective video production companies must be able to provide you details for costs such the amount of time needed for producing the video, how they handle post-production, and they should outline other costs that you can expect.

The cost can vary from company to company depending on the experience of the crew, the specifics of the solution, and the approach to production, and the equipment used. However, you need a solution that will capture your vision and adhere to your budgetary requirements; so look for a video production company with enough experience that they can offer a flat-rate solution for your video production project.

Professionalism – reliability and dedication

Producing a corporate video production can be an intense process – look for a company with a professional attitude who you can envision working with and who answers your questions with a smile. A professional and experienced video production company will ensure that all of the work is completed on time and without hassles.

Customer Service – thoroughness and considerations

When you are selecting the right video production company – you want a firm that values your business, answers your questions, and returns your inquires promptly.

As you evaluate the video production companies on your list look for a partner that is professional, responsive, and attentive.

The right video production company will meet these requirements and give you confidence that your video production will be well produced.

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