What Makes WeChat Marketing the Perfect Online Bandwagon?

WeChat Marketing: The Perfect Online Bandwagon?

Any smart marketing team knows that their main objective is to get to know what their customers’ needs and wants are and try their best to meet their expectations. However, in order to do that, how would a business be able to find out about the wants and needs of their customers? Well, with the increase in popularity of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. over the last couple of years, spreading the word about your company or product/service has never been easier. Think of it like this. If you were to try and find a platform used by millions of people who could potentially become customers, there may be no app that compares to WeChat.

Why Choose WeChat Marketing?

WeChat is a great way to market your products/services because it is not like other messaging apps. Not only is it the most popular messaging app in China, with over 900 million daily users, but it is an app that also offers many other functions ranging from hotel bookings, online shopping, playing games and even access to many government services. Apart from the fact that it is more than a messaging app, WeChat also allows its users to utilize its highly effective marketing channels. WeChat marketing (adstochina.westwin.com/wechat-marketing) sends promotional messages to its 900 million+ users, which helps in developing a smart, specific, and very effective marketing strategy.

Getting Started with WeChat Marketing

If you are a business owner thinking about using WeChat Marketing, there are a few steps you need to know about. The steps are as follows:

• Create a marketing campaign

• Create an account on WeChat

• Submit all the marketing campaign materials to get approved

• Once approved, you can launch the campaign material and track its progress.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that WeChat Marketing, just like Facebook and other advertising platforms, requires that you upload and get your advertisements approved before being able to upload them.

What Happens Once Your Campaign is Up and Running?

Once you get your campaign and advertisement material approved, you are good to go! There are many ways to get the name of your product/service out there, using:

• WeChat moments: your advertisements show up in the users WeChat feed, which will give them the opportunity to click on the given link and learn more about your product. The best part is that once your campaign is live, you will be able to figure out your target demographic and create specific ads to cater to them. Slowly, as more people start viewing your advertisements, it starts spreading due to a ripple-like effect, which starts showing your advertisements or campaigns to people with similar interests. So, you will gradually be able to reach tens, if not hundreds of millions of people, which could translate to potential customers, and more revenue for your company.

• WeChat banner ads: have you ever seen the popup ads appear at the bottom of your screen as you watch a video online? These are banner ads. These ads help spread awareness about your product/service, and WeChat makes sure that everybody finds out about it.

• WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Also known as influencers, KOLs enter into agreements with companies to promote their products on a fee (usually calculated per view). This way, you can choose an influencer with a huge fanbase in order to make sure that you advertise your product to the biggest crowd possible.

Also, since WeChat Marketing is very cost-effective, you will be able to stick to a relatively low budget!

In the world we live in today, where things go viral within a matter of hours, not utilizing the internet for your marketing strategy would be a huge mistake. Using a massive platform such as WeChat Marketing gives you the opportunity to tap into the massive consumer bases of the two biggest populations in the world: China and India. Given the fact that it is also much more cost-effective compared to its competitors, it is definitely worth a shot!

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