Six Tips for Super Successful Baidu SEM Ads

The most popular search engine in China is Baidu with more than 450 million users. When marketers from the western world think of entering China, Baidu is always the first marketing channel they prefer especially for paid search marketing. Here are some tips to become successful for Baidu SEM ads.

Localization China’s market is highly competitive and huge, therefore the consumers want the companies to do things they want. The minimum requirement is the ads and the website should be in Chinese. The localization process is a lot more than content translation. At the ground level, one should consider the marketing campaign and the business strategy. You should make products that are tailored to the Chinese market. For pay-per-click campaigns, competitor and keyword research must be done in local language rather relying on the research done exclusively for English readers.

Real-Time Support  When you check the Chinese websites, you will find chat boxes at every site. The local consumers love to speak to a human. The popular methods of communication are a phone, chat box and QQ messenger. The user uses a real-time chat option to get information but also uses to connect with a person. There is an increase in conversion of four to five times when real-time support is added to a campaign. For e-commerce sites, one should have a real-time chat option.

Competitors are ‘Goliaths’ and You are ‘David’  In most of the cases, the foreign company entering the Chinese market has to face competitors having more experience and a bigger ad budget. This especially happens with small businesses. Take your time, understand the market, and prepare to strike intelligently. Create better landing pages, better ads or website, and better products. Strategically choose bids and keywords. Test and improve continuously until you have enough profit for increasing the budget and become one of the competitors. This way you can get success through Baidu SEM ads.

Setting up Baidu Account  Baidu does not setup ad account by itself rather it sources to various resellers. Some resellers become clueless when working with non-Chinese clients. There are also different reseller authority and regulations. Baidu requires a business certificate or any proof of business documents. In addition to that, the business name on the certificate must be put on the website for advertisement. But, advertisers can edit some minor changes in the sites and then revert back after Baidu account is made. In most cases, advertisers do not need a Chinese phone number, Chinese government ICP license or a .cn domain. Initially one has to pay 5000 Chinese Yuan that is used for account credit, plus 1,200 Yuan fee for setting up a standard account.


Marketing Agencies are Different One must understand that in China, marketing agencies work differently than their western counterparts. The marketing agency can itself be a reseller means they are working on a commission basis from Baidu. They are paid by Baidu as well as by the clients to manage their accounts thereby providing motivation to increase expenditure. These agencies work only on the Baidu platform that means they do not work on the sites or perform any web analytics. They are just operators that make some changes to the account based on feedback from the advertisers. For promoting Baidu SEM ads one should get hold of these agencies for promoting your products and services.

Planning Integration of Web Analytics  Adwords very well integrated with Google Analytics whereas Baidu’s pay-per-click platform does not have. If one is using Analytics, Baidu ads should have Google customized URL parameters added to provide Google Analytics with relevant data such as the keywords. One can also use the analytics platform of Baidu that is well integrated with their ad platform. This platform provides a heat map tool and reports on the activities of specific users thereby

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