Questions to Ask Before Employing Digital Marketing Experts

If you are planning to reach Chinese consumers, you need to use Baidu’s advertising platform. Digital marketing in China is different and marketing strategies that worked in Western countries might not work in China. Hence, you need to seek the help of digital marketing experts who understands Chinese audience.

If you are planning to employ a digital marketing expert, you need to ensure you are selecting the right one. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of questions and answers to ask before employing digital marketing experts.

If I Want Chinese Audience to Find My Business, Where Should I Start?

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China with more than 64% market share. If you want a Chinese audience to find your business, you should get your site indexed by Baidu. It is always advised to create a website using Chinese language so that the site and its links are indexed by Baidu.

According to Webmaster, URL submission may not work well on the Baidu platform and you need to submit your site using Baidu’s webmaster tool available on the platform.

Is It Necessary to Have a .cn Domain for Success?

No, you are not required to have a .cn domain to achieve success. Much businesses having .coms have been able to connect successfully to the Chinese audience. It is also not important to host your website in China.

There are certain benefits of hosting your site in China. For example, it speeds up access to visitors of mainland China.

What Is Important in Baidu SEO?

Baidu SEO works on the same SEO principles as Google. For example, the use of proper keywords in the content and title is important to get higher rankings on Baidu. Backlinks have greater importance on Baidu. Unlike Google, Baidu gives more importance to fresh content and the homepage.

If you use Baidu, you will come to know users are directed to the homepage of a website that is not in case of Google. When you search on Google, you are directed to internal pages of the website.  Google is very good in terms of long tail keyword searches.  This is one of the primary differences between Google SEO and Baidu SEO.

Other big difference between Baidu SEO and Google SEO is in the way of implementation. Since the online ecosystem of both search engines is different, it is not always a good idea to copy-paste Western link building tactics in Baidu SEO plan.

Does Social Media Site like Sina Weibo Help in Baidu SEO?

Yes, social media interactions have a certain weight in Baidu SEO. In fact, social media platforms play an important role in digital marketing in China. It can help you build brands which will also help SEO.

Where Should I Start to Advertise on Baidu?

There are very few instances where non-Chinese companies have successfully set Baidu Pay-Per-Click account. Most non-Chinese companies use reliable seller with good Baidu PPC account knowledge to set it for them.

Also, Baidu requires an initial deposit of 5,000 Chinese Yuan or more from the user. However, there is no condition on minimum monthly spend for Baidu PPC account holders.

What Is More Important- Organic SEO, Paid Advertising, Regional SEO, or Social Media?

The right answer is you need to focus on all of them. To achieve success, you need to use the right combination of marketing channels. The choice of marketing channels may vary and it mostly depends on the business niche, your target audience and circumstances for the business.

What Is One Important Tip for Anyone Starting in Baidu Marketing?

The ability to collect data and interpret in the right way is important. If you want to make the right marketing decisions, you need to make decisions based on data.

These are some of the important questions you need to ask while employing digital marketing experts. Since digital marketing in China is radically different, it makes sense to work with a digital marketer who has a deeper knowledge of Internet space and different digital marketing channels popular in China.

Can you think of any important question that you should ask a digital marketing expert? Please feel free to comment.

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