How Local SEO Services Can Give Your Business an Extra Edge?

Local SEO is crucial for businesses who want to market their products or services to the local audience. This is why you need knowledgable professionals and agencies specialize in local SEO services Houston. But how can they help? And most importantly, how local SEO can help your business cut through competition? Let’s find out.

What is Local SEO and Why It Is Important?

Local SEO refers to optimizing your website for the local audience. If your target audience is located in your city or your shop or office caters to the local audience, you need to practice some local SEO to increase awareness about your business.

Today, a large number of people searching for products and services begin their search from the Internet. According to HubSpot research, 97% of people search online to know about a local business. Leading search engine statistics show 46% of all the searches on Google is about seeking local information. So if you have not explored local SEO yet, you are missing a large number of potential business opportunities.

Now that you know the importance of Local SEO, let’s learn about the advantages of local SEO.

Less Competition, Increased Visibility

Unlike global SEO, your business will face less competition in local SEO. Though some competition exists from region to region, there are more chances of ranking higher for relevant keywords in your niche. Local SEO narrows down the competition. Your business is no longer pitted against big businesses. With location oriented keywords, you are in a better position to target a specific demographic.

According to HubSpot statistics, 72% of people who performed local searchers visited the stores within 5 miles. The same statistics show local searches leads 50% of mobile users to visit the stores within one day. Local SEO increases your online visibility for the local audience and also diverts more targeted traffic to your website which leads to an increase in sales.

Mobile Friendly

The 21st century has witnessed tremendous growth in mobile devices. These devices use GPS and allow users to perform searches based on their location even while moving. The results of location-based searches are proximity based. Local SEO services can help you leverage the opportunity to build your brand and increase your dominance in your business niche simultaneously.

According to HubSpot statistics, 30% of mobile searches are location-based while 28% of searches are related to purchases nearby. Local SEO searches include local listings that appear in results of mobile searches. This boost exposure as more people is using smartphones to perform searches on the Internet.

More Conversions

Local SEO can increase lead conversions significantly. The first reason is your page is seen more by people living in a particular location. According to a target market analysis report, people who are searching for a particular service or product in their area are more likely to become paying clients.

For local businesses, locales are the main customers who are more likely to buy product and services. Local SEO puts your business within easy reach to such customers. For example, a person looking for a service provider is more likely to search on the Internet. Local listings give important information about your business like office address, phone number, working hours that helps customers reach you.

Whenever a person looks for services or product you offer, local SEO services in Houston ensure your business appears on the top of SERP for the relevant keyword. This helps in increasing conversions and garnering more sales.

Increased Trust and Popularity

Reviews play an important role in decision making when choosing a service provider. According to a report, 88% of people read reviews before selecting service providers or buying products. Local listings also list customer ratings and reviews along with business information.

Positive customer reviews increase the confidence of prospective customers and they are more likely to call your business without any doubts and hesitation.

Now that you know the advantages offered by local SEO, take the right step and contact company providing local SEO services in Houston and give your business an extra edge.

Do you agree local SEO services gives your business an extra edge? Please feel free to comment.

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