Eight Tips for Choosing a Video Production Company

Video production companies can help you produce the professional, attention-grabbing video for promotional and marketing purposes.

Here are eight tips for choosing the right video production NYC company for your business:

1. Know what type of marketing videos you want

Before looking for a video production company, spend some time researching various types of marketing videos and make a list of the ones you think will best suit your business. Keep in mind that you can use different types of videos for different purposes, so don’t hesitate to short-list videos of varying styles. While an experienced video producer will work with you to identify the right look and feel for your video production project, it is good to have a clear vision yourself from the start of the conversation.

2. Research different video production companies.

There are a variety of video production companies in the market, you want to find one that is perfect for your production requirements. Look for a video production company who can offer a dedicated producer and a team that will listen to your ideas and helps you craft the right video production strategy. Chances are if you’re reading this article you want something more significant than a guy with a camera and so you want to find a video production company that can offer a turnkey solution and guide your project from concept through development.

3. Check the types of video production work they have done so far

Some video production companies specialize in particular types of videos while others have the capability to produce a wide range of videos. If you only want explainer videos, for instance, it will make sense to hire a company that specializes in those. If, however, you think you will also require advertising short films, interviews, documentaries, and so on, it will suit you better to go with a company that also produces these types of corporate videos. Evaluating a video production company’s work, as well as the sample videos that you have found online that you like, will all help guide the conversation about the look and feel for your video production project.

4. Check the clients and companies they have worked with

While you can’t necessarily judge a video production company’s talent by the clients and companies they have worked with, it does indicate reliability and accountability if they have worked with big-name industry clients. It shows they can oversee a project from start to end and produce high-quality work. You should also read the reviews and feedback that previous clients have provided about the video production company to fully understand how they approach projects.

5. Find out how the video production company’s videos are usually published

Another part of the equation for finding the right video production partner lies in finding a video producer that can work with you to develop content for your desired purpose. While some video production companies may strictly produce content for television advertising – others may specialize in helping to develop video marketing assets for online distribution or via social media. The fact of the matter is there are a wide variety of use cases for video production content and you need a partner that can bring a broad spectrum of expertise to your project.

6. Inquire about their preproduction and post-production processes

Different companies may have different preproduction and post-production processes, but they should have established processes they follow. Having a planned process leads to a successful project, that is efficient, and produced on-budget. Further, a tried and true process guides the process and helps to ensure that the video production project is completed on schedule. Also, ask about the video equipment and software they use. For best results, you want them to use the latest, most advanced technology.

7. Inquire about how and what they charge for video production

Ask different companies for quotations and compare these with the budget you have in mind. Some video production companies may outline prices and come back to you with a bill when the project is completed, while others may offer a flat-rate video production solution. You should not solely base your decision on the budget but it should be part of your consideration and you want a partner that’s not focused on nickel and dining you but rather focuses their attention on telling your story.

8. Inquire if they provide long-term services

Once you have found a video production company that you can work with satisfactorily and you intend to continue using video marketing for your business promotion, it will make sense to sign a contract that retains their services for as long as possible. Often times, there is an opportunity to gain access to high-quality video production at a discounted rate if you sign a retainer agreement with the video production company of your choice – which then provides you with access to the right talent and solutions to produce video marketing content on an on-going basis.

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