Baidu Advertising: An Overview

Baidu is China’s leading search engine. It also offers a robust platform for business advertising.

Baidu advertising consists of not only paid search but other options also such as display and in-feed ads. So, you can utilize one or more options as per your business needs.

Baidu Advertising Features 


You can use any or all three PPC advert formats available for Baidu advertising. The charges for each format will be different. You can choose from a combination of text and small images or text with a large image. The product window is another option. The texts are optimized with relevant keywords.

You can also choose to display two types of adverts simultaneously.

In-Feed Ads

The in-feed ads option works well for mobile devices. The ads are displayed below Baidu’s search box. The ads are also displayed on other Baidu product features such as Baidu Forum and Baidu News.

Display Ads

You can choose to display your ads inside the videos or around the page perimeters. The display ads can be targeted to your direct audience/customers by analyzing consumer behavioral patterns. You can create ads using images and texts. You can use floating or flashing ads also.

Baidu Tuigang

You can use the Baidu Tuigang feature to display ads on the search pages. These ads can also be featured on websites of Baidu Union.

Baidu Union comprises of third-party providers for mobile apps, software, and web content. If the content of a Baidu Union website matches with any promotional ad; it can be displayed on their website.

Baidu Brandzone

You can use the Brandzone feature to display ads on Baidu. It will allow you to display really large ads. But the ads require brand keywords. You can select the Mini Brandzone option if you wish to spend less on this ad feature. It offers less screen coverage and also requires brand keywords for display. You can utilize Brandzone to engage the consumers with visually-appealing ads.

Pro Theme

If you are a member of the Baidu Union, you can use this Baidu advertising feature to display ads on specific pages. It is useful for companies desiring a more targeted approach for advertising on Baidu.


You can place your bids for priority placement for the ads or promotional links.

There are many more options for Baidu advertising as the company keeps updating its features. You can select the ones most suitable for your business needs and budget after setting up your Baidu account.

Steps to Take for Baidu Advertising

The first step to start with Baidu advertising is to set up a business account with the company. The process can be a bit confusing and tiresome if you are not fluent in the local language or just starting to establish your business in China. You also need to deposit a fee, other charges, and paperwork for your Baidu account. It can be helpful to hire a search engine or digital marketing company with experience in the Chinese market to help set up your accounts on Baidu.

Once your application is approved and your account all set, you can begin to advertise on Baidu. You will be able to open a Baidu account only if your business is registered in China.

You will need to pay for PPC ads beforehand. Once the payment is received, Baidu will activate your account. You can organize your account and begin with your PPC campaigns right away. Baidu offers several tools for keyword search and analysis, which you can utilize for your ads.

Benefits of Baidu Advertising 

The Chinese population is huge. Most Chinese consumers use Baidu for their online search needs. With the right approach, you can reach a wide consumer base in China using Baidu advertising. With immense competition in the Chinese market, your business needs to be visible in the online space. You can’t do that without including Baidu advertising in your marketing plan.

Baidu advertising offers many useful features also. For instance, if your business or ad achieves top rank on Baidu search for a specific keyword, you can even display your company’s logo with the text advert.

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